produce pig iron from magnetite highveld

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produce pig iron from magnetite highveld

Titaniferous magnetite (titanomagnetite) is a valuable source of iron and potentially from the published operational data of Evraz Highveld Steel and to a furnace where it is smelted to produce a vanadium-bearing pig iron.


highveld steel prospectus: iron plant 1 Highveld Steel and Vanadium was founded in 1960 with the objective of building a unique plant with the ability of beneficiating vanadium bearing Titaniferrous ore from the Bushveld Igneous mineral complex.

Extractive Metallurgy of Vanadium-Containing Titaniferous

Highveld’s method of smelting the magnetite ore involves a preliminary “pre-reduction” stage. . The hot sponge iron is then melted continuously in an electric arc furnace to produce pig .

Evraz Highveld Steel: Process Overview

The titanium separates from the molten pig iron and forms a dense slag which can be drawn off at the start of tapping. The molten pig iron contains about 3% carbon and about 1.25% vanadium. In Evraz Highveld’s steel plant the hot metal is agitated and oxygen-blown in …

The history and development of the pyrometallurgical

The smelting of hot pre-reduced titaniferous magnetite iron ore to produce pig iron and a vanadium rich slag was started in the 1960s by both Highveld and New Zealand Steel.

The history and development of theSAIMM

Highveld ore) is run by Panzhihua Iron and Steel in China2. They do, however, blend their . The smelting of hot prereduced titaniferous magnetite iron ore to produce pig iron and a vanadium rich slag was started in the 1960s by both Highveld and New Zealand Steel. New Zealand Steel (NZS) selected partially open . bearing slag from a .


Based on pilot plant work over a 2 year period, it was discovered that the titanlferous magnetite ore from the Bushveld Ignenuous Complex could be processed successfully to produce liquid pig iron and vanadium bearing slag and Highveld Steel & Vanadium Corporation was built.

Evraz Highveld Steel | Iron Ore | IronScribd

Evraz highveld steel and vanadium process flow description Evraz Highveld currently operates 13 refractory-lined rotary kilns. The main technical problems associated with submerged arc smelting are4: Low vanadium yield—the average vanadium content in pig iron from the SAF for …

Recovery of vanadium from discard titaniferous

Recovery of vanadium from discard titaniferous magnetite slag using the soda ash roast-leach process . Titaniferous magnetite (titanomagnetite) is typically processed by smelting to produce vanadium-bearing pig iron and titania (TiO 2)-bearing slag, which is generally discarded as waste. The discard slag at Evraz Highveld Steel and Vanadium .

Development of a control strategy for the open slag bath

The smelting of hot pre-reduced titaniferous iron ore to produce pig iron and vanadium-containing slag for the production of vanadium products was started in the 1960s by both Highveld Steel and Vanadium, and New Zealand Steel (NZS).

How iron is madematerial, manufacture, making, history

The raw materials used to produce pig iron in a blast furnace are iron ore, coke, sinter, and limestone. Iron ores are mainly iron oxides and include magnetite, hematite, limonite, and many other rocks.

Pig Iron Manufacturing Process

Pig Iron Manufacturing Process. View Larger Image; Table of Contents . magnetite, and siderite ores of from 0.6 to 8.96 per cent. SiO2 gave products containing 0.02 to 0.19 per cent, silicon. Considering that the ore used contained 9.25 per cent. . with the carbon necessary to produce a pig iron, the atmosphere of the furnace was too .

Processing of vanadium: a reviewScienceDirect

The pig iron from steel manufacture contains the majority of vanadium-bearing material smelted with the iron ore. The molten pig iron is oxygen lanced to produce a slag containing 12–24% V which is either treated by downstream high temperature smelting or alternatively chilled then treated by solvent extraction (SX) to produce V 2 O 5 .


About 100 M/T of magnetite ore is required to produce 1.5 M/T of V2O5. Here, the normal mining cost is associated with . American’s HighVeld Steel and Vanadium Corporation [ HighVeld], Vametco Minerals Corp. [Vametco], Vanadium . used for smelting pig iron to produce …

The history and development of the pyrometallurgical

The trials conducted by Highveld Steel Development Company Limited on the viability of processing titaniferous magnetite ore to produce liquid pig iron and vanadium-bearing slag were a success [59].

Beneficiating Ironveld unveils plans for large new pig

Ironveld expects to mine 2.4 million tons of magnetite a year as feedstock for its eventual million-ton-a-year pig-iron plant, which will also produce vanadium and titanium byproducts.

William BlelochWikipedia

William Bleloch (9 February 1906 Johannesburg – 20 June 1991) was a South African metallurgist noted for developing smelting techniques for the processing of chrome ores.

smelting plant that process magnetite and titanium

May 24, 2017 The historic difficulty in processing titanium resources from the OUI magnetite, lizardite, chlorite, and anorthite with lesser parts of talc and plant operated for a total of 133 hours for the iron extraction and 163 $164.2M USD to produce a >99% pure TiO2 …

Evraz HighveldBusiness Essentials

About Evraz Highveld. Evraz Highveld – Vertically integrated steel and vanadium producer EVRAZ Highveld Steel and Vanadium Limited (EVRAZ Highveld) is South Africa’s second largest steel maker and the primary producer of medium and heavy structural sections.

Production of Pig Iron from Magnetite Ore–Coal Composite

Magnetite ore-coal composite pellets with about 10, 15 and 20 mm diameter were rapidly smelted to produce pig iron by microwave heating in N-2 gas.

M. Sitefane, M. Masipa, P. Maphutha, and Goso

magnetite M. Sitefane, M. Masipa, P. Maphutha, and X.C. Goso . with a CaO to MgO ratio of 16:14 applied on a commercial scale by Evraz Highveld Steel . titanomagnetite in the presence of a carbonaceous re ductant and a flux to produce a valuable vanadium-bearing pig iron and an essentially valueless low titania (TiO 2) slag containing about .